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Brenda Pantja
Content Creator

Menurut aku fitur brand deals di IG BintanGo helpful banget! Content Creator makin dapet banyak peluang untuk bisa kerjasama dengan berbagai macam Brand dan bisa explore kerjasama sesuai ketertarikan masing-masing

Christabel Gavrila
Content Creator

BintanGO mampu menjadi saluran penyambung atau media perantara antara saya (konten kreator) dengan Brand-Brand ternama yang ada di Indonesia. BintanGO ini dapat menjawab seluruh kebutuhan konten kreator dalam bidang endorsement atau kerja sama.

Dita Dwi
Content Creator

BintanGo sangat membantu aku sebagai Content Creator, mulai dari kemudahan mendapatkan Brand Deals. pembuatan invoice bahkan semua pembayaran pun BintanGo yang urus. Jadi gak perlu mikirin perintilan yang bikin pusing dan aku bisa fokus ngonten

Ghania Harsono
Content Creator

Fitur-fitur BinanGo juga keren dan useful banget. sangat mengerti Creator mulai dati perihal admin, create invoice, payment, sampe billing juga sudah tersedia di fitur BintanGo. sangat membantu para Creator

Content Creator

Aku suka fitur Creators Corner, suka baca-baca kalo lagi senggang, sama yang deals aku baru update app BintanGo, terus keren banget bisa Apply diri sendiri buat cari-cari job konten

Rachel Nadila
Content Creator

Fitur yang paling aku suka banget itu "Brand Deals"dimana kita bisa Apply untuk Collab sama brand yang sudah lengkap beserta detail SOW. mempermudah dan membukakan banyak banget link untuk Creators kecil kayak aku hehe.. Luv BintanGO

Content Creator

Pertama kali coba apps BintanGO, aku langsung jatuh hati karena banyaknya fitur yang sangat berguna untuk content creator pemula seperti aku. Walaupun aku masih tergolong β€˜kreator kecil’, tapi banyak brand yang sudah kerjasama denganku lewat BintanGO.

Our goal is to help you simplify running your business,so you can focus on what you do best.

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Manage your hustle all in one place. View your earnings, invoice status, brand deals and rewards at a glance.

Brand Deals

Start your journey as a content creator worry-free with abundant brand deal opportunities to help you grow your income.

Creator Wallet

Consolidate payments from various sources into your Creator Wallet to enjoy advance on invoice and earn Rewards Points at the same time.


Create professional invoices and send them out in a flash! Never miss another payment with our auto-reminder feature when it's due!


Advance payment on your invoices with EarlyPay and Fast approvals when you consolidate all your payments in your Creator Wallet.


Make your next dream content or project a reality with a functioning capital credit that takes your business to the next level, or simply upgrade your gears.


Make a marvelous, custom Bio Link that lets you to show off your phenomenal works, from music, photos, videos, writings to selling anything in one place.

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πŸ“Œ A public social media profile with a sizeable audience
πŸ“Œ Consistency in posts
πŸ“Œ Clean editorial design with a clear brand/aesthetic
πŸ“Œ A growing and engaged social media following on more than one platform

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can BintanGO can only be used by content creators and/or influencers?

    The features on BintanGO are not only made to help and support the content creators or influencers. Freelancers and brands can also use BintanGO to make everything easier.

  • What levels of content creators or influencers can use BintanGO?

    As an All-in-One CreatorSpace, BintanGO can be used by ALL levels of content creators or influencers; Be it content creators/influencers on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, and/or other platforms. In addition, BintanGO can also be used by nano influencers, micro influencers, macro influencers, mega influencers, to giga influencers to support their profession.

  • What line of work are content creators or influencers suitable for using BintanGO?

    BintanGO can be used by content creators or influencers all industries such as Fashion, Beauty, Finance, Entrepreneur, Mom & Baby, Home Decoration, Automotive, Gadget, Food & Beverages, Health & Wellness.

  • What features can be found in BintanGO?

    BintanGO has great features to support content creators/influencers, freelancers, and also brands. There are (a) MyLink which helps to link all profile links in one link only, (b) Bill My Client to make it easier for content creators, influencers, freelancers, and also brands to create invoices for clients, (c) Virtual Account to consolidate all your income streams to your Creator Wallet, (d) Early Pay invoice advance that lets Creators get paid without waiting 30 days, and (e) Brand Deals to help content creators/influencers collaborate with the brands easily.

  • ​​How does one become a content creator/influencer on BintanGO?

    To become a content creator/influencer on BintanGO is super simple. You only need to have a BintanGO account by registering through the sign-up page on BintanGO website or mobile application. https://creator.bintango.com/register

  • How can I, as content creator / influencer, collaborate or work with brands?

    Once you have registered as a Bintango Creator, you will have access to our Brand Deals feed. Review the list of campaigns, select the brands you would like to work with and simply submit your application. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, we will contact you to follow-up with the campaign brief.