Welcome to the BintanGO All-in-One CreatorSpace!

Our goal is to make it easier for you to do business with features on BintanGO that help and support Creators, Forums to Brands using BintanGO to make your business easier.

With connection and collaboration at the core of what we do, we want BintanGO to be friendly, fun, and memorable for all users. For this reason, we have developed Community Guidelines to help protect BintanGO, Creators, Forums, Brands, and everyone who visits and uses our websites, mobile apps, and services. These Guidelines are part of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and each term defined in these Terms and Conditions has the same meaning as the Community Guidelines.

In the spirit of BintanGO as a safe and friendly place for all, we ask that you help enforce this Code by notifying us if it is violated. If you see something considered a violation, please let us know by contacting us through the application or reporting to us via [email protected]

A. Our Rules

All users must follow these Community Guidelines, including acknowledging that prohibited behaviour and certain content may be restricted or removed from the BintanGO site and/or application.

1. Age Requirements

As a BintanGO user, you must be at least 13 (thirteen) years old, and if you are under 18 (eighteen) years old, you must have the consent of your parent or legal guardian. Do not provide a false identity or submit false or misleading information about yourself when registering for a BintanGO account. You must use your real name and photo and not create a fake account.

If your account is on hold, please do not register a new account during the repair and enforcement process. We also ask you not to create multiple accounts unless you have a valid reason.

BintanGO accounts may not be transferred or sold to other parties. If you have any questions about your account, please contact [email protected]

2. Use of the BintanGO Site and Products

We ask that you use the BintanGO site and products only for their intended use. You must use the BintanGO site and products subject to applicable legal norms and rules. You agree that if a third party claims that any material you contribute to the BintanGO site and products is unlawful, you will bear the burden of establishing that the material complies with all applicable laws. Although BintanGO does not constantly monitor, BintanGO reserves the right to remove material, block access, or take other action concerning material or content at its sole discretion. However, BintanGO is under no obligation to do so. You may not use BintanGO’s computing resources to distribute unsolicited advertising or promotional materials.

3. No Illegality

Our Community Guidelines are based on the prevailing laws and regulations in Indonesia. Accordingly, you may not promote, encourage or engage in any illegal acts on, use, or be directed to the BintanGO site or application. You may not submit requests or create content that violates any law, regulation, court order, or other legal processes, including attempted phishing, money laundering, theft, and fraud. We also prohibit the depiction, promotion, or trading of illegal drugs or other banned substances on or through the BintanGO website and application. In reviewing potentially unlawful behavior, BintanGO may (at its sole discretion) consider the additional context and severity of the behavior.

4. Threats, Violence, and Danger

Inciting, encouraging, promoting, or threatening violence, harm or harm is prohibited on the BintanGO site and app, as is content depicting flagrant or unwarranted violence. We do not allow acts that glorify abuse, including things that encourage self-injury, suicide, or other dangerous items.

5. No Hate Speech

BintanGO is not a place for hateful content or promoting hateful activity. We restrict the distribution or remove such content and accounts, such as hate speech or disparagement, on the BintanGO site and app. We do not allow Language or content that is offensive, degrading, discriminatory or threatens violence based on legally protected characteristics, such as race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, or veteran status. We also prohibit contexts that promote organizations or people who promote or do so.

6. No Sexual Content

BintanGO is not a place to send or request pornographic, obscene, obscene, inappropriate, or sexually explicit content. The prohibition of nudity and sexual content applies to real, imitation, or implied activity and includes digitally created or manipulated content. We try to distinguish pornography from other adult content, but we may limit its distribution to store it inadvertently.

7. Harassment and Bullying

BintanGO is not a place to insult, hurt or antagonize any individual or group of people. We prohibit all forms of harassment and bullying to keep BintanGO as a positive platform; this includes content that aims to demean or embarrass; mocking people for their bodies, sexual assumptions, or love history; sexually suggestive comments about someone’s body, requests, or offers of sexual acts; criticism containing mention of names, profanity, and other derogatory language or images; and ridicule someone for experiencing sadness, grief, loss or anger.

8. Comments and Messages

These Community Guidelines apply to comments posted on the BintanGO site and app. In addition, comments must be relevant. We may remove comments that violate these guidelines, including irrelevant or pointless material; spam; sexual content; self-injurious content; misinformation; hate activity; harassment or invasion of privacy; copyright or trademark infringement.

These Community Guidelines apply to messages sent between users. Messages must also be acceptable and relevant. In addition to a user’s ability to block someone from sending additional unwanted messages, we may warn or suspend accounts that violate our guidelines, including by sending spam messages; sharing or soliciting sexually explicit content; self-injury or suicidal content; misinformation; hateful activities such as racist insults; harassing content or behavior; and exploitation of personal information.

9. Intellectual Property Rights and others

BintanGO respects human rights inside and outside the BintanGO site and application so that each user is expected not to violate other people’s intellectual property rights, privacy, or other rights; not do anything or upload any content that is prohibited by laws and regulations; and do not use the BintanGO name, logo or trademarks in a way that confuses others.

10. The site and Application Access Security

To protect the BintanGO site and application, we ask you not to access, use or damage our systems or the systems of our technical providers; not infiltrate or circumvent our security measures or test the vulnerability of our systems or networks; do not use undocumented or unsupported methods to access, search, tamper with, download or modify any part of BintanGO; not try to interfere with people on BintanGO or our hosts, or network, for example by sending viruses, overloading systems, sending spam or sending large amounts of email; and other prohibited actions related to the security of access to our sites and applications.

B. Implementation

You are responsible for your account and any content you upload or transmit. Using any BintanGO services is not permitted for any purpose other than the specific limited purposes available on the BintanGO site and application.

Suppose we become aware of content or activity on the BintanGO site and application that violates the Terms and Conditions, including these Community Guidelines. In that case, we will enforce it according to our policies. In addition, we may determine whether or not to temporarily suspend your BintanGO account while we review your possible violations.

Under the violation that you have committed, BintanGO can follow up on this by:
a. issue a warning;
b. remove the infringing content from your account;
c. temporarily suspend your account access for a certain period;
d. permanently suspend your account access;
e. other actions at BintanGO’s discretion; and
f. continue with the legal process in force in Indonesia

We will consider factors relating to our decisions in the follow-up to violations committed, including but not limited to the content itself, the severity of the behaviour, and the number of user violations. In general, we are unable to monitor User behaviour outside the BintanGO site and application. However, we may consider behaviour off-site and BintanGO applications involving BintanGO at the time of violating this Code. We will also consider it if the off-platform behavior is extreme, including membership in a hate group or terrorist organization, sexual assault, harassment, or other violent behavior.

In limited circumstances, in our sole discretion, we may allow exceptions to our content removal policy when we determine that the content serves the public interest, such as satirical, scientific, or educational content.

Please note that if your account is permanently suspended, we will refund your funds deposited on Go-wallet but will not refund funds held by third parties within a reasonable period.

C. Appeals

1. Appeal

If you believe our law enforcement decision against you is incorrect, you can request a written appeal to [email protected] You must use the same email address as your BintanGO account linked to our enforcement decision and include detailed reasons why you believe the action is not a violation. Like all other law enforcement decisions, appeals are at BintanGO’s discretion, and these decisions are final and binding.

2. Recovery After Suspend

If we suspend your account for violating these Community Guidelines, you can request reinstatement after the suspension ends. Any recovery request must be made in writing and sent to [email protected] from the email address associated with the suspended BintanGO account. The recovery request must include: (i) a detailed description of the reason you wish to rejoin BintanGO; (b) confirmation that you have read and will comply with the Terms and Conditions, including our Community Guidelines; and (c) any other confirmation, acknowledgment or agreement we request. A request for recovery does not guarantee that your account can be recovered, as the final decision will be subject to BintanGO’s policy.

Following BintanGO, which is constantly evolving with new features and products, we may update this Community Guidelines from time to time to consider the suitability of our features with our Users in behavior and interaction. Any new risks or problems may arise due to such developments. Please regularly check for the latest version of our Community Guidelines.